Bus policy and rules

Bus Guidelines for morning and afternoon transportation and for Trip Days

Please discuss the following bus safety rules with your child. They are in effect to ensure the safety of the children as they ride the bus. Even if your child does not take the bus to camp, they will be using the bus for field trips.

Because school buses operate on a very tight schedule, students should arrive at the bus stop fifteen minutes ahead of the bus. Each camper should be on time—bus drivers will not wait for those who are late unless it's during inclement weather.

  Students should wait in an orderly manner, remain in a line at least twelve feet from the bus when it stops to pick up passengers, and should move toward the bus only after the driver signals them to do so.

Campers Should:

  • Sit solo unless he/she has a sibling(s)
  • Be seated immediately and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Keep arms and other objects inside the bus.
  • Always follow the directions of the driver.
  • Talking quietly to the person next to them is permitted.
  • Keep games, balls, toys, etc., in a bag or box.
  • Help to keep their camp bus clean and in good condition.
  • Learn emergency drill procedures (will be demonstrated by the bus driver).
  • Be alert for traffic when entering and leaving the bus.

Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Upon arrival at camp, campers in the front seats will leave the bus first and all will exit in an orderly fashion.

Campers Should Not:

  • Sit with other kids who are not family members.
  • Eat, drink or chew gum while riding on the bus.
  • Stand or change seats at any time while on the bus without permission from the driver.
  • Fight, shout, or throw objects while on the bus.
  • Litter the bus.
  • Use profane language on the bus.
  • Permit their backpacks, lunch bags, feet or any object to be in the center aisle of the bus.


If a camper does not follow the bus rules, the camper will not be able to ride the bus. Transportation payments are non-refundable.

If you have any questions or concerns about bus transportation, please contact the camp director Rochel Kaltmann at 614-570-4014 .